Saturday, October 30, 2010

Understanding Our Education System

MVCC is proud to be a member of the Strategic Horizon Network (SHN) - a network of 7 community colleges across the country connected by a common interest in learning as much as we can from arenas outside of education. Recently, I joined a team from MVCC to the fall colloquium of the SHN where we had the chance to connect with our friends from the other network colleges.  We spoke of our common challenges and individual items of interest and touched on the overarching theme of moving from student access to student success and completion that is sweeping the country.  What I like most about this theme is that it brings community colleges and higher education into the center of the conversation about transforming education in this country.

As I was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a blog post about a topic as large as understanding "what's wrong with education in this country", a brilliant colleague from a SHN college shared the following video with us.  As he indicated, don't watch it until you can spend the 12 minutes watching uninterrupted.

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