Tuesday, May 5, 2015

FABulous Opportunity for Innovation

MVCC’s new FABlab is the latest addition in a long history of staying on the leading edge of technology. Founded as a technical institute in 1946, MVCC has deep roots in technical education, and our FABlab builds on that tradition to provide an incredible resource for our faculty, students, and community as the emerging high-tech economy takes hold here in the Mohawk Valley.

As part of a $15 million SUNY 2020 grant that created the Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM) – a network of nine community colleges working with SUNY Poly – the MVCC FABlab was developed on the Utica Campus. It’s all part of providing resources for students to build skills and think of the possibilities to design, manufacture and produce products that add value to the local economy.

The MVCC FABLab is a member of the MIT International FABlab Network, which requires certain standards of equipment be maintained; participation and contribution to the Network; and availability of the lab resources opened to community members. This means that designs from all over the world can be accessed through the Network and printed and produced right here in Utica. In addition, community access means that local entrepreneurs can produce prototypes, and existing businesses can produce one-off parts to efficiently find solutions for their existing lines of operation.

With multiple 3D printers and various milling machines to complement our CNC lab and welding lab that are co-located across the hall in the Science and Technology Building, the possibilities are only limited by imagination. To check out more on the MVCC FABlab, click this link – FABlab

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