Monday, October 19, 2015

Advanced Manufacturing: The Future is Now!

The headlines read that the jobs are coming!

Yes, more than 2,000 jobs will emerge from the developments at Marcy Nano and Quad-C with the recent announcements from Austrian company AMS and General Electric. It’s all somewhat overwhelming for a community that has been longing for news like this for more than a decade. 

What’s just as exciting is the skills in demand to fill these new jobs are many of the same skills that are already in high demand from existing employers. MVCC has been placing students at nanotechnology giant Global Foundries in Malta, N.Y., for a few years now – with our graduates receiving great entry-level salaries with opportunities for overtime and swift promotions with excellent performance.

Recently, MVCC participated in the extremely successful Advanced Manufacturing Day at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, where we had the chance to tour scores of high school students through our high-tech, state-of-the art labs. Until the recent announcements, advanced manufacturing has taken different forms in different business lines. From brewing to yogurt, and paper to machine parts production, there is a common set of skills that are essential to the heart of our local economy.

All of these skills can be acquired through enrollment and completion of our many degree and certificate programs related to advanced manufacturing. To learn more about all that MVCC has to offer for careers in the economy of the Mohawk Valley's future, just watch the video above.
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