Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New campus dining choices feature local products

John Lehmann, right, general manager of Sodexo Campus Services at MVCC, talks about the new dining options at MVCC's Utica Campus. Also pictured, from left: MVCC President Randall VanWagoner, MVCC Vice President of Student Affairs Stephanie Reynolds, and Carla Wevang, District Manager from Sodexo.

Everything is better with good food — including learning. That is why one of the biggest changes to our Utica Campus this fall is within our food service areas.  

Our partners at Sodexo surveyed students, faculty, and staff last spring, and the results were clear: Changes needed to be made. Based on that feedback, we've added Wholly Habanero; replaced Pizza Hut with the Pizza Joint; and replaced Zime Bistro with Sammies for great subs. 

These new choices feature local products no farther away than Syracuse, with everything made fresh daily — cooked and cut meats, fresh breads and pizza dough, vegetables, and other items prepped and chopped every morning. In addition, these eateries provide more flexibility on cost, with choices like a single taco or pizza by the slice. And the food plans are much more flexible now, with lower cost plans available through the use of HawkDollars on your student or employee ID card.

The changes are dramatic and timely to help get the new academic year off to a great start. Hopefully, everyone will take advantage of the new offerings and enjoy themselves.  After all, everything is indeed better with good food.

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