Monday, August 27, 2007


I have quickly learned that Mohawk Valley Community College, like all of the previous colleges where I have worked, struggles at times with communication. This blog is one way I am trying to strengthen communication at the College. Communication comes in many forms and takes many shapes at the College. In addition, the stronger communication is on campus, the stronger the sense of community and connection people feel.

One thing I can't emphasize enough is that each of us - individually - needs to take responsibility for our part in strengthening communication at the College. Responsibility comes in considering ourselves part of the overall team at the College; being thoughtful about our communications; thinking about the best way to communicate on different issues; and recognizing that we actually have to seek out information to get informed. In addition, most of us are guilty of taking the easy way out and relying way too much on email to communicate when face-to-face conversations were possible and would have been more effective - if we just would take the time.

A number of people have responded to this blog with interest in improving communication and sense of community here. Responses have emphasized the need to strengthen communication and connection within departments, between departments, from my office, with students, and from students (thank you for those students who have responded thus far). I'd like to carry that conversation forward here and invite ideas that you may have to improve communication and sense of community at the College? Please send your ideas and comments to presblog@mvcc.edu.