Friday, August 17, 2007

Key Questions

I'm a little more than a month on the job and thus far have had wonderful experiences at the College. I've spent the majority of my time meeting with faculty and staff. Many of these meetings have consisted of me asking a set of key questions. I would be interested in perspective from anyone at the College. Please review these questions and send me your responses at presblog@mvcc.edu.

What do people at the College hope I do?
What things are people at the College concerned I might do? - concerned I might not do?
What needs to change at the College? What needs to be preserved?
What are the barriers that keep the College from reaching its potential?

By asking this common set of questions, and receiving honest responses, I have been able to accelerate my own learning in gaining a solid understanding of MVCC. Hopefully, one or more of these questions will prompt you to share your individual perspective about the College with me. I would appreciate your insights, so please send your responses to presblog@mvcc.edu.